Friday, September 26, 2014

Piyo Hard Core Hit The Floor Review

Whew this is a total core work out. All floor work. It starts out very intense, ends with back work and a stretch. I was sweating. I am really really impressed with this program. I am not working my lungs like I normally do but wow I am still getting a great work out. I am definitely seeing changes to my body, especially my arms and mid section. Today's work out was wow! Intense but felt good and was doable.  **note I am finishing this post the next day.. wow my obliques are sore...**

33 mins of different dynamic moves that definitely help define your core area. I am so much stronger since doing PIYO, I can hold a plank for a very long time now, pretty sweet! If you are looking for an amazing core work out.. Hard Core Hit the Floor is the one for you!

Video review:Hard Core Hit the Floor Review

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