Thursday, June 20, 2013

I get high....

I get high...... on working out (bwhahaha you thought I was going somewhere else with that didn't you?). Some say I am a little addicted and I am okay with that. I love the high I get from all those good endorphins flowing through my body. I love the sweat dripping off my body,  proving I just made fat cry. I love how all the bad things in life seem to disappear all because I worked out. When working out, I forget why I was angry. I am in my happy place. I am happy for hours afterwards, and some times all day.  If something irritates me I am more likely to shrug it off, if I worked out.  If something really bad happens during the day i can always go home and play wii boxing to get out any extra frustration.  I love that sore feeling the next day when I had an amazingly hard work out that I conquered, where others may have given up. Working out, keeps my weight low, with my combined eating right (that is right, you must eat right and work out to maintain a healthy weight, need any help, try Shakeology to replace one meal).Working out, also helps me regulate things like my blood pressure and other heath conditions and diseases caused by obesity. (and yes I know AMA just ruled Obesity is a disease.. I am still not buying it. I still believe it is an underlying cause of something else whether is is high thyroid-ism or eating too much and being sedentary.  Just my two cents.) Sorry off my soap box. Working out also increases my energy levels, I feel like I can take on the world after a good work out. I really do feel like I am Wonder Woman, and that I could wear that outfit!  Which leads me to, exercise makes me feel sexy and who doesn't like that?  I mean I am 19 weeks pregnant but definitely do not look it and I feel sexy, even with the extra look of eating too many doughnuts from our little boy in my belly area!  Exercise helps me sleep better at night.  I am exhausted by 8, and asleep pretty quickly there after, but I am also up by 6 am to work out again, so it is a vicious cycle but one that I LOVE!!!    Plus I have so much fun doing the routines I do. Whether I am doing Insanity, TurboFire, Les Mills Combat, running, kickboxing, cycling, spin class or my own circuit training that I made up. I have fun with it. I look forward to my work outs. I love to do them alone or with someone! I love motivating people as it motivates me to push through. I really hate disappointing you guys!   I have this 90 min spin class I will attend with one of my besties.  It is at 8 am on sat morning. But I have no issues with waking up and going. I get to see one of my best friends and we work out butts off, burn a ton of calories, as we are having a blast!  Same with my videos I do, I love them because I feel like I am in a class with others, even though I am totally in a sports bra and panties (don't judge). I can yell back when Shaun T.  is telling me to dig deeper.  As Chalene is telling me to get my second wind, amazingly I do. The sweat is dripping, my heart is beating fast and I feel sooooo alive!  It is an amazing feeling!  A feeling I cannot get enough of, and neither should you!  You should embrace that feeling you get and relish in it!

So on those days where you just want to stay sleeping or lay on the couch, remember that feeling you get when you work out.  Remember the high and how you feel alive.  Put on your shoes, turn on that video, go for a run, bike ride or hit the gym and get addicted to the high!

Have a very fit day!

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