Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scheduling working out and food!

Scheduling time for your workouts and scheduling what your meals will be for the day is so important.  I have got the workout part down. It's the food part that  I need help with.

Why is it important?  Well for many reasons.

- If a workout is on your calendar you are more inclined to actually do it!  It is harder  to miss it if you already have it planned and planned at a time where nothing else will pop up. Mines as soon as I wake.  That way it's only me that prevents me from working out and well I am stubborn!

- Scheduling a work out makes it more important in many people's eyes, other wise it is something they can skip without consequence (in their mind)

- A schedule keeps you motivated, you have something to look forward too. The only thing that gets me out of my bed, is my work out. I enjoy the sweat, the way my muscles burn and the feeling that I am alive! Plus it wakes me up so I am not so much of a bear in the morning :D

- Writing down  exercise in a  log  of how many calories you burned or how long you worked out, is  another way to hold yourself accountable.

- Scheduling a work out with a friend.  Helps you  be less likely to not work out if someone else is depending on you.

- You can schedule the right amounts of exercise, weight training one day and cardio on the next.

- For food if you leave what you will eat to chance then you succumb to your hunger pains and sometimes that leads to poor decisions, at least it does for me.   I grab whatever is around to keep me from eating someones arm off, and that never ends well.

- Planning in advance, you can keep make sure you eat the right amount of calories and the right kinds of foods, plus you will be less likely to add extra food that you do not need.

- You eat out less which saves you calories

- You can get excited about what you will be eating, since you will have time to think about it.

- If you cook at home, you burn calories cooking :D

- Your food will be written down so you can log it all properly!

- You can cook ahead, or at least prep ahead of time which will save you time the day of.

- You can find recipes that cook in a crock pot to save time as well!

There are many more reasons, but you get the gist of what I am saying. Scheduling your work outs and your food will benefit you and your healthy lifestyle!

If you have any tips, please feel to share them in the comments section :D

Have a very fit day!

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