Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pushing yourself

You are really stronger than you think you are. You can push your body past the pain, into this place that you never thought you could get too and it feels amazing. I did that this morning.  Today was my "off" day in my TurboFire work out program. Though I love TurboFire, I miss Insanity some days.  So usually on my "off" day I will do the 20 min Fast and Furious Insanity, cardio and core work out. It is quick, gets me sweating and burns a tons of calories while working out all of the muscles in my body (well not all but a lot of them).  So today I decide, to do the Insanity, Cardio power resistance  work out.  40 ish mins of intense cardio while using my body as power to build muscles.   My heart rate did not drop below 160 the entire 40 mins. My arms feel like jello after all of those push ups, v-push ups, moving push-ups and tricep work.  My glute muscles are definitely screaming at me after all of the squat moves that were hidden in other moves. This is on top of the push-up/lunge challenge that I currently have going on, on my Fitness with Jamie facebook page.  When I finished, I was dripping in sweat, my heart rate was around 170 and I felt
AH_-MAZING!  It was great, I was so proud of myself for pushing through the push ups when I wanted to drop to my knees or just stop.  Luckily the moves we were doing were not conducive to knee push-ups, so I did not have that choice. Kinda hard to do moving push-ups on my knees.   I felt such pride when I finished. I could have chosen to take the day off or chosen a easier video/work out to do.  But I chose the hard one, finished and feel amazing!

So the morale of this post, is push yourself past where you think you can go.  If you feel those muscles burning, know you are building those muscles and that you can push through and finish!  Your own worst enemy is you and your mind. You can do anything, if you push yourself through and keep working hard! Dig deeper and push through the pain to a new you!

Have a very fit day!

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