Friday, June 21, 2013

Shakeology - Vanilla is FINALLY here!

I am soooo freaking excited!  For years we have not been able to get Shakeology in vanilla because they creators could not figure out a way to do it without using artificial flavoring or ingredients that are just sub par. They have finally done it!!  Watch this video for the complete information!  It is a great video that shows how awesome Shakeology is!  I am sooo sooo excited! As I love love love vanilla, since you can add so many other things to it and make the shake taste exactly like you would like!  I promise this 3 min video is worth it

Vanilla Shakeology Now Available! 
Free shipping on Vanilla one-time orders through July 7th!

Go to:  and order some today!  I cannot wait to try it!

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