Monday, August 12, 2013

15 min HIIT work out

15 min HIIT work out

I know some of you will hate me for this work out, but some will LOVE me as it is only 15 mins, 20-25 with stretching! I am going to include some modifications for those who need lower impact.  This is a great one to get you moving first thing in the morning and only requires you!

Below are 6 exercises, complete each exercise in 45 seconds and move on to the next one, with no rest between exercises, Once you finish all six  take a 30-second break, and repeat two more times, for a total of 3 times. Here are the 6 routines:

1) Jumping jacks (45 seconds)
Keep your core tight and your knees soft. keep your arms straight and touch your fingers at the top.  If you can, pick up speed and do it as fast as you possibly can. (**modification: instead of jumping your legs out, take your left leg to the side, then your right, do this as quickly as you can to get max benefit)

2) Butt kicks (45 seconds)
Bring your heels as close to your butt as possible while keeping your body slightly bent forward. Your core is tight.

3) High knees with extended arms (45 seconds)
Extend your arms  out in front of you  and lift your knees up one after the other. Drive your knees towards your chest and over your hip.  Continue to alternate knees as quickly as you can, with your arms parallel to the ground. (** modification, go slower to ensure you get your knees above your hips, speed up once you have the motion down)

4) Side to side jump ropes (45 seconds)
Disclosure: You do not need a jump rope for this exercise. Keep your legs close to each other and begin jumping from left to right. When your feet land on the left, your arms should be pointing to the right; and vice versa. This is a great core and abdominal workout. (** modification, step to the left bring your legs together, then step to the right bring your legs together)

5) Jab, uppercut, leg kick (45 seconds)
In this routine, you are working both your lower and upper body. Lean slightly forward, jab with your left arm, drive an uppercut with your right hand, and kick with your right leg. Repeat the same movement a second time, and then rotate side. Now you jab with your right hand, drive an uppercut punch with your left hand, and kick with your left leg. Repeat one more time and alternate side again. Keep alternating for 45 seconds non-stop.

6) Mountain climbers/Floor Sprints (45 seconds)
Get in  a high plank position. Lock your core and drive your knees towards your chest as if you were running in place. As your right knee is up, you left leg is straight. Alternate legs as rapidly as you can for 45 seconds. Ensure your butt is not up in the air when you perform this routine. (**modification do these standing up, go slower, and get your knees above your hips as your arms are moving up and down like you are climbing a ladder)

That’s it; 4.5 minutes of high intensity interval workout. At this point you take 30 seconds of rest, quickly hydrate, and repeat the session again 2 more times for a total of 3 times or 15 minutes. Once you complete the entire 15 minutes, STRETCH!!!

Have a very fit day!

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