Monday, August 26, 2013

Last week of T25 Alpha Phase

I am excited and a little scared at the moment. This week is my last week of T25 Alpha phase. 25 mins most days (with the exception of Double Fridays, and Saturday rest day).  In reality these work outs are pretty easy for those who are very active, but still gives you a really good work out regardless of your athletic ability.   I fall into the very active, but very pregnant stage. I am 7 months pregnant, I started this in the 2nd trimester and have now moved into the 3rd.  I started off full swing barely modifying and doing an extra weight lifting or Les Mills Combat each day.  Now I find myself having to modify a lot more to accommodate this ever growing belly and just sticking to this work out. I am proud that I have been able to accomplish 5 weeks of a Shaun T work out pregnant. I have not attempted Insanity since starting T25 which is probably a good thing. It is getting harder to breath during the workouts, which is what scares me about the beta phase, as it is more intense (or so I have heard). I am definitely going to push as far as I can, without overdoing it, until I need to switch back to Les Mills Combat/CLX hybrid until the end of the pregnancy.

For anyone with little time who is looking for a good work out, T25 is definitely the work out for you, no matter your size or athletic ability. Tania on modifications is great and I am extremely thankful to have her there. It makes it easier to just stop the high impact option and keep going in a low impact options instead of stopping and not doing anything. You learn the moves and really focus on each one to ensure you are doing them correctly.Shaun T does a great job of increasing the intensity of the moves and having burnout rounds which I love!  The schedule is easy to follow and even if you cannot get in a double on Fridays, you can do one video Friday and the other on Saturday.  Sundays stretch day is a nice way to begin your week and is the perfect pace for someone like me who finds a lot of yoga wayyyyy too slow.   Over all this is an amazing total body work out with no weights.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me or look at some of my T25 review posts. You can even see me all sweaty after a T25 work out :D

Have a very fit day!

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