Friday, August 2, 2013

Les Mills Combat Kick Starter review

Let me start by saying, I have had Les Mills Combat (LMC) for awhile. I love love love this program. It is a mix of  kickboxing and different martial arts. The videos range from 30 mins - 60 mins and some have weight training. So I have been doing this for awhile but wanted to video my review after my work out today.

Today's work out was the 30 mins, it is one of my faves. I add weighted gloves to give myself and extra workout, that includes weights. It helps me punch harder and feel my muscles burn by the end of the 30 mins. Even without the gloves my heart rate by the end is around 165 from all the punching. This one starts off with a quick warm up of different punches, then of kicks, then you go into a punching series with different intervals. Then it moves into 264 continuous kicks, which are back kicks, front kicks and jump kicks (my fave). The last round is punching again, with different intervals that leave you sweating.

Here is my video though I will warn you I look like a mess, my makeup is all smeared LOL though you might get a good laugh in.

If you are interested in LMC or a challenge pack of LMC and Shakeology (discounted price if you combine) go to:  It is a super fun series that will leave you leaner and more powerful!

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