Friday, August 2, 2013

Burning Calories

Weight loss is directly related to your calories, calories in and calories burned. lately I am learning it is not always about just calories but eating good calories, which means lay off the cake, thick crust pizza and watch your alcohol intake (I know it is hard!!).
If you do these things, you will soon realize your body needs less of the good calories to sustain, which means your calorie intake will drop on its own without you even trying.  Let's face it, a side of fruit is filling and way less calories than a side of french fries.  (Download loseit or fitnesspal if you do not already track your food and exercise.)    We tend to need more calories when eating bad ones, as we are not getting the nutrients we need to sustain and our body tends to have more cravings.  When I eat the right calories I have less cravings.   Track your food for a  few weeks and see how your body responds. You might be surprised how easy it is to eat better, especially when you feel so much better.  I will warn you, if you eat crappy now, you will go through what I call the "carb flu" where your body is detoxing out the crappy stuff, but I promise it doesn't last long.

Below is a great chart on exercise and burning calories. Exercise is important.   Mixing up your exercises and including weight training is very important. We tend to get stuck in a certain exercise that we love and do not vary our routines.  Try to vary, or do things like, while you are riding your exercise bike, do intervals of high intensity for 30 secs to a min at a time, and then go back to your normal speed, and/or add hand weights while you are riding. It is an easy way to switch up your ride. If you need more ideas please feel free to contact me: I am happy to help.


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Have a very fit day!

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