Thursday, August 1, 2013

T25 Alpha Phase Lower Focus review

Today was a good work out day. I am going to be hurting tomorrow and will be lucky if I can walk, with all the lunges, squats and abductor exercises. Today I am thankful I sit on an exercise ball all work so I get to get some stretching in. I am thinking of doing the stretch day tomorrow, with either a Les Mills Combat 30 min video or a burn circuit weight lifting Chalean Extreme video. The Saturday do an hour Les Mills Combat, then start my  2nd week of T25 again on Sunday. I like Sunday as a start date, so definitely do not be afraid to start on a day other than what the calender suggests. Especially since the "Friday" for the T25 calender is a double work out, so you either need to allow an extra 25 mins, or do the other video on your day off.

I digress, so the lower focus, as definitely a good lower body work out. My heart rate did not go up too high, but I was sweating something fierce and OMG the burn I felt in my things, glutes and adbuctors, oh and calves too! Especially after the cardio workout, I did directly after the lower focus. Seriously I may not be able to walk tomorrow, which is why i am thinking stretching and weights, though maybe the stretching will be better on Saturday when i am extra sore. hmmm hard decision.  Either way, great work out! I definitely build some muscle today!

Here is my review video!

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