Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness with a Friend

Fitness is always more fun and motivational if you have a partner in crime who is willing to dedicate themselves to working out. I remember when Staci (my old Volleyball partner in crime) and I worked out every morning before school. It was awesome and kept me working out my freshman and sophomore years of college and it made us accountable to the other. If one of us was waking up to be at school by 7, then the other was doing it.   Then it was my roommate Kristin who is now a figure universe pro. (she is freaking awesome), she forced me to run way more than I would have liked (up this steep freaking hill) and to go to the gym daily. She also helped keep me in shape back then, once I left the realms of my fitness friendly friends, I gained weight until I learned to motivate myself. So if you cannot motivate yourself, find a friend to work out with. Below is a fun work out you can do together and will work your entire body!


Have a very fit day!

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