Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Calisthenics, is bascially bodyweight exercises, originated thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and is easy to do for daily fitness  home workouts without equipment.

Here are some sample routines that focus on both upper body, lower body, and core exercises:

Upper Body Warm-Up - Repeat 5-10 times
Jumping Jacks - 10
Push Ups - 10

*add pullups when multiple sets is possible at 5-10 reps per set

Lower Body Warm-Up - Repeat 5-10 times
Jumping Jacks - 10
Squats - 10

Upper / Lower Body & Cardio Combo - repeat 3-4 times
A full body plan like the one below is a fast way to complete a workout with little or no rest by resting your upper body by working your lower body and abdominal exercises:

Pullups - max reps
Squats - 20-30
Pushups - 20-30 reps
Lunges - 10-15 / leg
Abs of choice - 50 reps
Optional Cardio of choice - 10 minutes

Lower body / Cardio Workout - Repeat 4-5 times
Here is a quick and challenging workout to build both leg speed and endurance.

Run or bike 3 minutes
Squats - 20 reps
Lunges - 15/leg reps
Heel raises (calves) - 20-30 reps

Upper / Lower back Balance Cycle - Repeat 2-3 times
In order to balance out doing several sets of pushups or other pushing exercises, add in the below exercises for 2-3 sets at the end of the workout to avoid internal rotation of the shoulder girdle.

Reverse pushups - 25 reps
Birds - 25 reps
Plank pose - 1 minute

Push / Pull Upper body Cycle - Repeat 4-5 times
To fully work the upper body, balance out the pushing muscles (chest, shoulders and triceps) with the pulling muscles (biceps, forearms, back)

Push Ups - max reps
Reverse Push Ups - 20
Pull Ups - max reps
Birds - 20
Abs of choice - 50

Abdominal Cycle
Do this 2-3 times during the workout and 4-5 times a week.  It is fine to do abdominals and cardio exercises several days a week or on back to back days.

Crunches - 25
Reverse Crunches - 25
Double Crunches - 25
Left Crunches - 25
Right Crunches - 25
Bicycle Crunches -25
Plank pose - 1 minute

These workouts can be done throughout the week, but as with weights, it is not recommended to do the same major muscle groups on back to back days.  So pick a calisthenics day and follow it with a cardio workout on the next day is the easiest way to create a fitness routine for yourself.

Have a very fit day!

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