Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Insanity week 2 day 1 plus Killer Abs

Insanity week 2 started off as expected.  Hard.. but easier than last week. My body is getting used to the drills, I am able to not stop during most of them.  My upper body is still lacking in strength, but again am getting much much better.  By next week I should be flying through these. Excited to see how much better I do on my fitness test. (one week to go for that)  I keep pushing myself harder and harder, knowing that the test is coming up. I definitely sweat a lot and my heart rate stays up and my body is super hot (temp wise) for a LONG time.  I already see my abs getting stronger. I feel stronger.  So far so good.

We all want to look our best right?  Most people long for nice abs.  Some would love them even if they are under layers of skin or fat.  Without cardio you are just building muscle under the layers.  Still your ab muscles are important.  They help keep your core tight and your body up right.

Here is a fun home Killer Ab work out to try (make sure you pair with your fave cardio activity :

Have a very FIT day!

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