Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Insanity week 2 done plus abs

Wow cannot believe its been two weeks already. I'm definitely getting Stronger. My lungs are keeping up. Though my body is tired. I can feel more muscles than before and feel I can last longer. I would say this program is definitely working! I am ready for the fit test tomorrow. Cannot wait to see how far I've come! Put on some pants today that were loose which a month ago were tight.  Measured and already lost inches in areas.. some more.. Insanity is insane. but works!

Here is a fun workout for you for a fun 6-pack  :)

4 moves for a 6-pack. Three times a week, do one set of 20 reps of each move in order without resting then repeat the entire routine once or twice.

Have a very fit day!

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