Friday, August 10, 2012

Insanity day 3 plus Work out 101

Day 3... I will not lie, I am sore. though I expected to wake up and not be able to walk, so the fact that I woke up and did not groan getting out of bed was a plus.

Today's work out was for me a little easier than yesterday.  The moves he made us do, were some I had done previously in his Self magazine work out  (see previous blog post).  So luckily those came fairly easy.  We did a lot more arms today, which is great because I need them.  I was not as winded (YAY)  tomorrow is the cardio recovery.. Supposedly lots of stretching.  I am envisioning a cardio yoga session, which would be fabulous.  I may even do some spinning tomorrow while watching tv for an extra workout.  As these work outs are killing my muscles and definitely getting my heart rate up, but not burning as many calories as I normally do. Though since my muscles are getting strong, I am burning more calories sitting than I was, so that is a plus as well. I am definitely looking forward to my "off day" on Tuesday.  I cannot wait to either do some kickboxing or some spinning.  The soreness does feel good.  I have missed this feeling.   So, day 3 did not kill me and I am ready for day 4 :D

Because I know some of you could careless about the Insanity videos. Here is a little something for you :)

Have a VERY FIT Day!

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