Friday, August 24, 2012

Re-do days and Strength training for Women

Some days you just need a re-do day.  Today was that day.  With any work out, if I feel like I am not in a place where I should be, I will re-do days.  With Couch potato to 5k, I would re-do days and weeks, until I was strong enough to move forward.  Today it was Insanity, I was not happy with my fit test, I had not been taking days off, like I should, so I took yesterday off and today, I re-did my fit test.  I was happier with the results and am ready to move on to the next days work out.

Here is some strength training exercise, pair these with some of your favorite cardio moves for a killer work out.

Strength Training for Women
Have a very FIT day!

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