Wednesday, July 31, 2013

20 min Sweat HIIT work out

The work out I promised you to get you to move your butt more!  

It is 20 minutes, you can do this! If you start to get tired, slow down and focus on doing the moves properly and the next time focus on improving.  This is your work out!  You only have to compare yourself to YOU!


1:00 Jump Rope (substitute with Run/Jog if you’d like don’t have a jump rope)
:30 Side Lunges
:30 Squats
1:00 Run/Jog
:30 Burpees
:30 Front Lunges
1:00 Jumping Jacks
:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 Speed Skaters
1:00 Butt Kickers
:30 Lunge Kicks
:30 Squats
1:00 Run/Jog
:30 Side Lunges
:30 Push Ups

Each full round is 10 minutes.
Try not to take breaks between exercises (if possible).
Break for 2-3 minutes (or as needed) in between rounds.
Repeat 2x for a solid 20-minute workout!

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Have a very fit day!

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