Wednesday, July 31, 2013

T25 Alpha Phase Ab Interval review

Today I did the Ab Interval in the Alpha phase of T25 and I did not nail it. It was not that it was hard, it was just hard being 6 months pregnant and trying to do the moves with a belly, that are not really for a pregnant belly.  There was one section I could not do at all because it was all on my belly. I decided to do squats and try to mimic the arm movements to at least keep my body moving. My calorie burn was way low for this one and I will need another work out to make up for it. I think if I did not have this pregnant belly then this work out would have been good and fairly easy. He incorporates core exercises and switches it up with cardio. It definitely was one of the easier videos and I still was able to do most of the moves though had to modify quite a bit as my core strength is lacking now that I have a baby who makes it hard for me to contract things. I will definitely have to remember to add an extra work out in on these days or skip it for something like the speed video until after the baby gets here.

Here is my video review from this morning:

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