Tuesday, July 30, 2013

T25 Alpha phase total body review

Today was tough. I modified quite a bit. My butt is sore and it has been 3 hours since my work out. Lots of squats and lunges and tons of push ups and planks.  The burnout round was only 5 mins long, but it was the last 5 mins of the work out, so you are already exhausted and then bam, you have to push through 5 more mins, This one is one I definitely have room for improvement on. I am trying to give myself some leeway, since I am 6 months pregnant and at my heaviest weight ever. I know it is baby related but the extra weight definitely makes the jumps harder to do. I am just glad I pushed through and finished even if I did have to modify.   Definitely do not be afraid to modify during T25. You will still get a good work out and it means you have tons of room for improvement, which is always nice!!

Here is my video of my review:  http://youtu.be/_HJtTABZQTA

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Have a fit day!

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