Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sitting (aka desk jobs) are killing us

Once upon a time, we literally worked out butts off. We tended fields, we washed clothes by hand, we hung up clothes to dry, we made all our food from scratch, we cleaned the house ourselves (well most of us did) and we did not have tv.  Even when I was little we had very few channels on the tv, which helped us work our butts off. We spent hours outside playing and very little time sitting.  Now all we do is sit. We sit all day at work, we sit waiting for food to arrive, we sit in front of the tv, we sit in front of the computer, we sit a lot.  Sitting makes our butts big. Which make sense because if we are sitting that long, we need cushion.  So when I found this, I had to share......

So make sure you get up and move your body daily and start working your butt off!!!!  I will try to post another post later with a sample work out for you :D

Have a very fit day!

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