Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mind Over Matter

Working out truly is mind over matter. Very few people wake up and think, " I want to work out."  Most people wake up and think of excuses on why they do not have to work out. I live with one of those.  He can always find an excuse not to work out. I am the opposite, I have to really look hard to find an excuse to miss a work out.  REALLY hard. 

Take Monday  for example, I woke up early in the morning with a bad migraine. I got little sleep. When I woke up, just getting out of bed made me dizzy. Now I cannot remember the last day I took a true no work out day. So I decided, since I am 5 months preggo, that maybe this was my body's way of saying, "sleep" So I slept in, knowing I had dinner plans and would not be able to workout. Well the migraine got worse as the day progressed. I came home early from work, took a nap.  My husbands call woke me up and which point I could not go back to sleep, my dinner plans were canceled and I had 40 mins until my husband would be home.  So what did I do?  Go back to sleep?  No, I did yoga. It was a pregnancy yoga I have called Yoga Booty Ballet for Pregnancy. I am so thankful i did it, as it alleviated my head trauma long enough for me to be able to eat, shower and go back to sleep. Even on my days where i let myself have the day off, I still tend to work in a work out. For me it is a daily part of life. It is like breathing. Even if I do something easy like yoga or go for a walk, I am still moving my body and releasing stress. 

For me it truly is mind over matter: 
I have the choice to decide to work out or skip my work out. 
I have the choice to eat fruit of french fries. 
I have the choice to tell myself even though I am seeing no progress at the moment with my ever expanding belly that me working out is good for me and the baby.
I have the choice to choose to smile through my work out or be grumpy through it. 
I have the choice to  wake up every day thankful I am able to work out instead of dreading my work out. 
I have the choice to have fun working out instead of feeling like it is a chore. 

I could keep going but you get my drift. Write down your choices and each day strive to choose the best option for you. If you pick those french fries one day, get up and do 15 mins extra cardio the next day (or that evening). I will not lie, I had two bowls of ice cream yesterday and pizza. It all fit in my calorie budget, though it was not the best choice I could have made. This morning I got up and did Les Mills Combat for an hour with weighted gloves. I worked off that ice cream and then some! 

The point is, be accountable to yourself. You are the only person you need to be accountable too. If you need an extra push, feel free to email me and I am happy to be your exercise buddy.   I love mine. She lives in Maryland but every day, we discuss our food and exercise routines, which holds me accountable. Find what motivates you and each day strive to do a little more. If you have a set back, that is okay, just put on your shoes and start over the next day. That is the best thing about fitness. It is okay if you relapse, the only thing that matters is that you try again. The only time you fail is when you give up and stop trying. 

Also take pics along your fitness journey.  The scale lies to you when you are gaining muscle, taking pics helps you see how far you have come. You will be amazed at your results as long as you do not stop trying. Remember,   it is not a matter of if you will reach your goal, it is only a matter of when.  "When" will come eventually as long as you do not stop trying.  

Have a very fit day!

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