Thursday, July 18, 2013

You can change!

Did you know that working out is a stress reliever? It is the one thing that keeps me sane and releases my stress. I am like a new person after I work out. 

When you track calories you realize how much you are inputting vs how much you really need. I was inputting double what I needed before counting calories. I had no idea that eating out twice a day would totally blow my calorie budget until I found loseit.  Once I started counting calories, which loseit made so easy to do, I was amazed at how much more I was eating and how much less I could eat a day and be satisfied. I stopped eating until I was full and only ate my portion that I had laid out before I ate (no seconds for me).  Counting calories is half the battle.  The calories you do input need to be good calories.   Just because 5 doughnuts  or sodas fit in your calorie budget, doesn't mean those are the calories you should choose.  Think about the food and what it can do for your body before you ingest it. If you must have a doughnut/soda, try splitting one with someone else and eating your portion slowly, so that you savor it and do not want more. 

You can change your lifestyle. You just have to make the changes. Only YOU can do it!  I'm here to help you in your journey and happy to do so, but it is YOU that has to do the work, I can only help guide you!  

Feel free to contact me (you can add me on Loseit with that email as well) , Fitness with Jamie on FaceBook  or visit my BeachBody page for some great work outs or other fitness solutions. I am happy to help you! 

Have a very fit day!

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