Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Healthy lifestyle sabotagers

Today I had  someone   2 someones in my office inspire today's blog. One is a food pusher. He gets joy out of feeding others, which is incredibly sweet and so annoying all at once. I tease him that he is sweet but evil (I will refrain from calling him exactly what I call him).   Sweet because he wants to make others happy through food, evil because it is always a food that you personally would not buy yourself and it takes every ounce of your being to not be tempted to take a bite, and if you do take a bite, not to eat the whole darn thing.  I am not really a sweets girl, I love bread and butter.  But there are a few sweets that I love and are very hard for me to resist and unfortunately for me, he knows what they are. The other person in the office, eggs him on to buy these things for me (and the office) not because they want them, but because they thinks it is funny. Sometimes I feel like both do this to sabotage the efforts of those of us who try really hard to be healthy. Right now it is even harder because I am pregnant and I am steadily gaining weight, even though I work out daily, and intense work outs at that, sometimes I choose the wrong foods because they are still fitting within calorie budget for the day. This is my issue and I own it. I know that sugar and I do not mix, the lower my sugar intake the better I look and feel. Instead of a milkshake I make a Shakeology concoction that makes me feel like I am being sinful, when I am really in taking over 70 natural ingredients that are super good for me.   So they have inspired me today to write about some common sabotagers for creating and  maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

People: There will always be people in your life who try to get you to "try this yummy cupcake", "just have one more glass of wine". "let's split dessert" etc. They each have their own reasons: some want to see you fail; some want a partner in crime; some think they are being nice; some are just down right mean and judgmental; some are negative people by nature and some are jealous they cannot do what you are doing. You have to learn to overcome their advances and stick with your plan (having a backup plan helps too).  In social settings this is easy, you can easily avoid those people. I know I did when I went through my year of not drinking alcohol. I totally avoided those who kept badgering me to have 'just one drink'. Sometimes I would scream,  'No the answer is no!' I even would go as far as to order a "tonic water and lime" and pretend I was drinking so they would just not even bring it up. With food it is harder, you cannot hide the fruit on your plate instead of the doughnut and if you are like me you do not even want the temptation of a doughnut being on your plate. Before my husband, I never had any food that woudl tempt me in the house. The only choices I gave myself were good ones, or ones that I had to bake (bread, cakes etc all had to be home made) now he keeps the house stocked with cookie cake, chips and more of things that I have had to learn to look at and be repulsed by (most days I win, some days I fail).  We have office potlucks and I eat at my desk so I am not tempted to eat the food I know I should not. You can always take the higher road and ignore their comments, or thank them for their backhanded complement or even call them out on being rude and not supportive, I ha e even threatened jokingly of course, to punch them in the face (i would not recommend the last one, it seems to egg these people on more, though picturing them when you are punching during your work out, makes your punch even harder!).  I have found over the past 4 years that I have surrounded myself with those who support me in my fitness journey and my healthy lifestyle and tend to shy away from those who do not.  Here is a link to with some suggestions to help you with  social sabotages.

Eating out: This one sounds silly but if you eat out with others who are not on the same lifestyle plan or with a group of people it is easier to go along with the group and eat things you would never order yourself (goes back up to "people" Last night I fell to this, I ate appetizers, fried appetizers, then my husband ordered onion rings, I cannot resist those, so I ate a few of those.  My saving grace was that I had previewed the menu and had already chose to make a healthy choice for actual dinner. So even though my choices for appetizers were not the best, I was able to control my calories with the meal I chose and still came under calorie budget for the day.  So if you have to eat out, preview the menu and make a decision before hunger sets in.  If you can, cook at home.  You can control your calories and you burn calories as you cook so it is a win win!

Focusing on the wrong things:  You focus on what is not working instead of focusing on what is. Instead of focusing on negative things, change your focus to the positive and help that flourish. Not seeing weight loss after a few weeks? That is okay, focus on what food you are eating and the types of work outs you are doing. The weight will come off once you master those things. Remember too few calories and you will not lose; weight lifting helps burn more calories as you are building more muscle and the scale lies, listen to your clothes. I also suggest taking pics every 30 days so you can SEE your results.

Sodas (even diet ones):  You should be drinking tons of water.   Water is good for you on many levels. Diet cokes, not so much, they actually are one of the worst drinks you can drink (all sodas really, they are empty calories, and the diet ones trick your body which also aids in you not losing weight). Plus they are loaded with sodium which is helping you retain water, which is causing you to hold on to water weight.   So drink water, add lemon, cucumber, mint, lime, whatever natural flavoring you need too to make it more enjoyable. I promise after awhile you will begin to love water and never go back to sodas.

Yourself: You can be one of your biggest sabotagers.  You know when you think you can eat that doughnut when no one is watching; you can skip that work out because "you will do it later" then later never comes; one night of binge drinking cannot hurt right? (here is a link to some white lies we tell ourselves)  You get the idea. You control your own destiny. To help with self sabotage, find a work out buddy, one you can share all your food, drinks and work outs for the day with. Someone who will not judge you if you get off course, but will help guide you back, someone who is  also working towards the same goals. My someone is my bestie K. She is AWESOME!! and always helps me stay on track and I do the same for her (I hope).  Also get a calorie tracker like loseit or myfitnesspal.  It will help you realize how many calories are in that doughnut or glass of wine. Keep sticky notes with motivational quotes, sleep in your exercise gear so you remember to work out before you do anything else. You are truly the master of your own destiny and you have final control over all the other sabotages that are out there.

If you need a buddy, email me jlaster22@gmail.com or find me on loseit (using that email). If you need work out plans, cleanse details or a yummy meal replacement, go to:

I am happy to be your coach and help you become a better you!  I may not always win the sabotages in my life, but I always push through them and remember that tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over.  If I can do this, you can too!

Have a very fit day!

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