Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I think I have done a post of this before but I love kettlebell workouts. Most can be done with substituting a dumbbell (though not ideal) but you will not regret purchasing one and the kettlebell really works wayyyy better than the dumbbell for the exercises that are designed for kettlebells.  Kettlebells offer you the ability to target almost every aspect of fitness from endurance, strength, balance cardio and agility.  Plus you have to pay attention to make sure you do not hit yourself or let go of the kettlebell (you laugh but I have done both).  I started out doing Jullian Michael's Kettlebell work outs, which was how I fell in love with them,  but have since moved on to others (listed below) which seem to be way better.  I  love them because they are under 30 mins, get my heart rate going and build my muscles.

To properly use a kettlebells you should hold the kettlebell in either one or both of your hands (depending on the move) doing a variety of  exercises that include swings, presses and pulling exercises, some  may require you to switch the kettlebell from hand to hand which requires you to use your core muscles in a new and different way than regular dumbbells.  Kettlebell work outs are high calorie burners as well.    I have so much fun when I am doing these exercises I hardly notice how hard I am working.  The next day muscles I did not know I had are slightly sore, which makes me happy!

Some kettlebell exercises can be found at the following links:

Have a very fit day!

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