Sunday, July 28, 2013

T25 alpha phase day one cardio review

If you follow me then you know I am 6 months pregnant but still working out continuously!  I recently bought T25 Shaun T.s new workout because I love love love him and love insanity but at the moment insanity is way too long for me. 

So alpha phase cardio which is day one was not exactly what I expected but still met my expectations.  It had no stretches within the 25 mins and no typical warm up yet it increased perfectly.  I had to modify a few moves or part of the moves then go back to the non modified version.  Had I turned the video off after he said goodbye instead of starting to stretch on my own I would have missed his 3 min cool down and stretch. I still added more stretches because I love stretching 

Here is a quick video I did after my work out before I went to drink some shakeology

You can learn more about the program or shakeology at 
Http:// or 

I will continue posting about my t25 journey!

Have a very fit day!

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